Safety File Index | D & G Health and Safety Practitioners

Safety File as required by law can be provided to you by D & G Health and Safety Practitioners

No construction project can start without a proper safety file. A Safety file needs to be created with relevant documents and demonstrated to the client as suitable and sufficiently document of health and safety plan.


  1. Client Health and Safety Specifications
  2. Contractor’s Health and Safety Plan
  3. Notification of Construction Work
  4. Letter of Good Standing
  5. Site Rules
  6. Occupational Health and Safety Act / Construction Regulation
  7. Health and Safety Policy
  8. P.C. / Client – Mandatory Agreement (37.2)
  9. P.C. / Sub Contractors – Mandatory Agreement (37.2)
  10. Legal Appointments
  11. Competency Certificates
  12. Risk Assessments       
  13. Incident Management Procedure and Forms
  14. Induction Training Records
  15. I.D. Copies
  16. Tool Box Talks
  17. Fall Protection Plan
  18. Registers / Checklists
  19. Bi Monthly Inspection/Compliance Audits
  20. Emergency Contact Details