Our Services | D & G Health and Safety Practitioners

Health and Safety Practitioners

As health and safety practitioners we offer the following services:

Drawing up of specifications for our clients as per the Construction regulations
Compiling of Site specific Safety files
Drawing up of strategies, policies and procedures
Drawing up of Safety Plans
Excecuting two Inspections and one audits monthly

Assisting with risk assessment, the process of identifying the hazards , evaluating the risks and deciding on the prevention measures to be taken prior to the execution of:

  • demolitions
  • groundworks and excavations
  • temporary works
  • working with electrical equipment
  • working at heights : ladders scaffold and scaffold towers, roof work
  • working in confined spaces
  • working with tower cranes
  • working with mobile plant and machinery
  • dealing with fire
  • erection and dismantling of support work

Or dealing with Health hazards such as:

  • manual handling
  • noise
  • vibration
  • biological hazards
  • dust
  • paint and coatings

Training of supervisors, craftsman and labourers in Health and Safety awareness
Selling of PPE ( Personal Protective Equipment )
Assist with First Aid courses
Reporting of an incidence